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Category: Stories

My Life With Superman

30 August 2006, Camp Pendleton California, was a day that will stay with me until my heart no longer beats. It was the day that I found out that my gorgeous wife Jen had given birth to Superman, only I didn’t know his true identity at that time. Evan was set for a normal birth, […]

Evan’s Story

By Deborah I found out I was pregnant with Evan in January of 2006. I have had three high risk pregnancies due to many different complications. I was offered the Triple Screen at the suggested time period. That would be the only test I would have that day. I looked at my husband and said, […]

Chesser Family

Our Story: I always knew that I wanted to have a big family. My husband, Matt, and I were thrilled when we welcomed our first son, Benjamin, into the world the day after he returned home from Afghanistan. We figured we would try for our second baby in a year. Little did we know, God […]

Madelyn’s Story of Success

his was part of a speech delivered by Madelyn’s mom at the Annual Banquet of the Jacksonville Mayor’s Committee on Persons with Disabilities in October of 2011. When Madelyn was 13-months-old, I had the opportunity to attend the national Down syndrome conference sponsored by the National Down Syndrome Congress (NDSC) in Sacramento, California. I was […]

Today is Andrew’s 10th Birthday

I will not wax nostalgic about August 14, 2003 being the best day of my life, because it was not. It was the day of that huge blackout that the entire northeast experienced…I was alone in the hospital, no lights, no a/c, and worried about my 5 yr old daughter. But more than that, the […]